Quit The Biz

by Brent Houzenga

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released February 1, 2012



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Brent Houzenga Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: Brent Houzenga - I Cry - I Cry
I cry because I'm glad to be alive
I cry I can't believe this is my life
I cry everything they say is true
I cry you can do anything you want to do

I cry when I'm defeated
More often when i'm glad
I cry this is the best life anyone could have
I cry because people are inspired
I cry sometimes I feel so admired

I cried at your wedding
and I'll cry at your funeral
I cry at the doorstep
and I cry at the terminal
I cry because I'm blessed
I cry when I'm stressed
I cry cus I'm a man
You think that people would understand

I cry
I cry
I cry

I cry when I'm marching into battle
I cry and then I usually change the channel
I cry at how fucked up this world is
I cry look at how wonderful it is

I cry because I never thought I'd be happy
I cry now I wish someone would slap me
I cry when I get the feeling that I'm on the right track
I cry cus I know now I'm never going back

I cry cus you're amazing
I cry cus I'm so blessed
I cry cus you're my woman
and I cry cus you're the best

I cry because I'm free
I cry when I'm alone
I cry because my wishlist is that you're always coming home

I cry when you walk in
I cry when you go
I cry cus long distance means we're always on the phone

I cry
I cry
I cry

I cry for my purpose
and I cry for my soul
I cry cus my emotions are always overblown

I cry because I'm weak
I cry because I'm strong
I cry cus I'm so broke and this process takes so long

I cry for my mother and I cry for my dad
I cry for the good things and I cry for the bad
I cry cus I need help
I cry because I don't
I cry I can't explain it
I cry cus I'm so stoned

I cry
I cry
I cry